Auburn University Libraries' Civil War-Era Publications Collection All Items

1.Advanced course of composition and rhetoric: a series of practical lessons on the origin, history and peculiarities of the English language ... Adapted to self instruction, and the use of schools and colleges. | Quackenbos, G. P. (George Payn) | XML
2.Adventures of hunters and travellers, and narratives of border warfare. By an old hunter | An old hunter | XML
3.America : a dramatic poem | XML
4.The American citizen: his rights and duties, according to the spirit of the Constitution of the United States. | Hopkins, John Henry | XML
5.American Eloquence: A Collection of speeches and addresses , by the most eminent orators of America, by Frank Moore | Moore, Frank | XML
6.American Eloquence: A Collection of speeches and addresses , by the most eminent orators of America, by Frank Moore | Moore, Frank | XML
7.Apheila; and other poems. By two cousins of the South, Miss Julia Pleasants and Thomas Bibb Bradley | Pleasants, Julia | XML
8.An appeal from the absurdities and contradictions which prevade, and deform the old theory of English grammar, to the true constructive principles of the English language | Brown, James | XML
9.The Bank of the Commonwealth, the American Exchange Bank and others, appellants against the Tax Commissioners | Bradford, Alexander Warfield | XML
10.A blind man's offering | Bowen, B. B. (Benjamin Bowen), 1819-1905 | XML
11.The border states : their power and duty in the present disordered condition of the country | Kennedy, John Pendleton, 1795-1870 | XML
12.Boston sights; or, Hand-book for visitors | Midgley, R. L | XML
13.Bradbury's Golden chain of Sabbath school melodies: comprising a great variety of new music and hymns composed and written expressly for the Sabbath school; together with many of the best of the well known Sabbath school pieces | Bradbury, William B. (William Batchelder) | XML
14.A bunch of pansies | Bullock, Cynthia, 1821- | XML
15.The charter with its amendments, and the revised ordinances, of the city of Manchester. | Manchester, N.H. | XML
16.The Code of Alabama. Prepared by John J. Ormond, Arthur P. Bagby, George Goldthwaite. With head notes and index by Henry C. Semple. Published in pursuance of an act of the General Assembly, approved February 5, 1852 | Alabama | XML
17.The code of honor, or, Rules for the government of principals and seconds in duelling | Wilson, John Lyde | XML
18.The code of ordinances of the city of Mobile, with the charter and an appendix | McKinstry, Alexander | XML
19.Commentaries on the law of promissory notes, and guaranties of notes, and checks on banks and bankers, with occasional illustrations from the commercial law of the nations of continental Europe | Story, Joseph | XML
20.Compendium of the law of executors, administrators, guardians, and dower, in force in Alabama | Cuthbert, John A | XML
21.Conversations and dialogues upon daily occupations and ordinary topics : designed to familiarize the student with those idiomatic expressions which most frequently recur in French conversation | Chouquet, Gustave | XML
22.Cousin Lucy among the mountains / by the author of the Rollo books | Abbott, Jacob | XML
23.Daniel Webster and his contemporaries. By Charles W. March | March, Charles W. | XML
24.The Daughter at School | Todd, John | XML
25.Debates and proceedings of the Maryland reform convention to revise the state constitution | Maryland Constitutional Convention | XML
26.Debates and proceedings of the Maryland reform convention to revise the state constitution | Maryland Constitutional Convention | XML
27.Digest of the Alabama reports, from the 17th to the 29th volume, n. s., inclusive | Shepherd, John Wesley, 1826-1894 | XML
28.A digest of the Alabama reports | Reavis, T. | XML
29.Discipline of earth and time for freedom and immortality. Four books of an unpublished poem | Smith, John | XML
30.Douglass farm : juvenile story of life in Virginia | Bradley, Mary E. (Mary Emily) | XML
31.Dr. Blair's Lectures on rhetoric | Dean, W. E | XML
32.An elementary grammar of the Greek language, containing a series of Greek and English exercises for translation, with the requisite vocabularies, and an appendix on the Homeric verse and dialect... | Kuhner, Raphael | XML
33.English literature of the nineteenth century | Cleveland, Charles Dexter | XML
34.An essay on the learning of partial, and of future interests in chattels personal | Keyes, Wade | XML
35.Exercises in Greek prose composition, adapted to the first book of Xenophon's Anabasis | Boise, James R. | XML
36.Explorations and adventures in Honduras : comprising sketches of travel in the gold regions of Olancho, and a review of the history and general resources of Central America ; with maps and numerous illustrations / by William V. Wells | Wells, William V. (William Vincent) | XML
37.The family instructor; or, Digest of general knowledge; comprising a complete circle of useful and entertaining information, designed for family reading ... Ed. by Robert Sears | Sears, Robert | XML
38.The family and school monitor: and educational catechism | Henry, James Jr. | XML
39.A first class reader; consisting of extracts, in prose and verse with biographical and critical notices of the authors. For the use of advanced classes in public and private schools | Hillard, George Stillman | XML
40.First Greek book; on the plan of the First Latin book | Arnold, Thomas Kerchever | XML
41.First lessons in composition : in which the principles of the art are developed in connection with the principles of grammar ; embracing full directions on the subject of punctuation; with copious exercises | Quackenbos, G. P. (George Payn) | XML
42.Forum, or, Forty years full practice at the Philadelphia bar | Brown, David Paul | XML
43.The forum, or, Forty years full practice at the Philadelphia bar | Brown, David Paul | XML
44.Gift book for young ladies; or familiar letters on their acquaintances, male and female, employments, friendships, etc. | Alcott, William A. | XML
45.The governmental instructor, or, A brief and comprehensive view of the government of the United States, and of the state governments: in easy lessons: designed for the use of schools | Shurtleff, J. B. | XML
46.The grace of God magnified: an experimental tract | Taliaferro, Hardin E. | XML
47.Guy Livingston : or, "Through." | Lawrence, George A. (George Alfred), 1827-1876 | XML
48.Hal's travels in Europe, Egypt, and the Holy Land : a twelve months' tour during which he saw many wonderful things and a vast deal of fun / by A. R. Wiggs | Wiggs, A. R. (Alexander R.) | XML
49.A hand book of business in Lowell : with a history of the city | Cowley, Charles | XML
50.Hand-book of universal geography : being a gazetteer of the world / edited by T. Carey Callicot | Callicot, Theophilus C. b. | XML
51.The harmony of interests: agricultural, manufacturing | Carey, Henry Charles | XML
52.Health trip to the Tropics. N. Parker Willis | Willis, Nathaniel Parker | XML
53.A history of the church in Brattle street, Boston. By its pastor, Samuel Kirkland Lothrop | Lothrop, Samuel Kirkland | XML
54.The history of Concord, from its first grant in 1725, to the organization of the city government in 1853, with a history of the ancient Penacooks. The whole interspersed with numerous interesting incidents and anecdotes, down to the present period, 1885; embellished with maps; with portraits of distinguished citizens, and views of ancient and modern residences | Bouton, Nathaniel | XML
55.History of the early settlement and Indian wars of Western Virginia : embracing an account of the various expeditions in the West, previous to 1795 ; also, biographical sketches | De Hass, Wills | XML
56.History of New England | Palfrey, John Gorham | XML
57.Husband and wife : or, The science of human development through inherited tendencies | Pendleton, Hester | XML
58.Incidents in the life of a blind girl | Arms, Mary L. Day | XML
59.Josephine and other poems | Everhart, George Marlow | XML
60.The last seven years of the life of Henry Clay. By Calvin Colton | Colton, Calvin, 1789-1857 | XML
61.Letters to Chas. O'Conor : the destruction of the Union is emancipation | Macon, Nathaniel | XML
62.The life of Patrick Henry of Virginia / by S.G. Arnold | Arnold, Samuel Greene | XML
63.Life of Stephen A. Douglas : to which are added his speeches and reports | Flint, Henry M. | XML
64.The life of Winfield Scott. | Headley, Joel Tyler, 1813-1897 | XML
65.The life, speeches, and memorials of Daniel Webster : containing his most celebrated orations, a selection from the eulogies delivered on the occasion of his death, and his life and times | Smucker, Samuel M. (Samuel Mosheim), 1823-1863 | XML
66.The lights of temperance | Young, James | XML
67.Linda; or, The young pilot of the Belle Creole | Hentz, Caroline Lee | XML
68.Mary, the handmaid of the Lord / by the author of "Schönberg-Cotta Family," "Early dawn," "Diary of Kitty Trevylyan," etc., etc | Charles, Elizabeth Rundle | XML
69.The Masonic harp: a collection of Masonic odes, hymns, songs, | Downs, Samuel M | XML
70.Medemoiselle Mori: A tale of modern Rome | Roberts, Margaret | XML
71.A memoir of Hugh Lawson White, judge of the Supreme Court of Tennessee, member of the Senate of the United States, etc., etc. With selections from his speeches and correspondence | Scott, Nancy N | XML
72.A memoir of S. S. Prentiss / edited by his brother | Prentiss, George Lewis | XML
73.A memoir of S. S. Prentiss / edited by his brother | Prentiss, George Lewis | XML
74.Memoirs of the notorious Stephen Burroughs : Containing many incidents in the life of this wonderful man, never before published | Burroughs, Stephen | XML
75.Midnight and other poems | XML
76.Midsummer eve : a fairy tale of love | Hall, S. C., Mrs. | XML
77.The ministry of Taunton, with incidental notices of other professions. By Samuel Hopkins Emery ... With an introductory notice by Hon. Francis Baylies | Emery, Samuel Hopkins | XML
78.The ministry of Taunton, with incidental notices of other professions. By Samuel Hopkins Emery ... With an introductory notice by Hon. Francis Baylies | Emery, Samuel Hopkins | XML
79.Modern literature and literary men : being a second gallery of literary portraits | Gilfillan, George | XML
80.The moral and intellectual diversity of races, with particular reference to their respective influence in the civil and political history of mankind / from the French by Count A. De Gobineau; with an analytical introduction and copious historical notes by H. Hotz; to which is added an appendix containing a summary of the latest scientific facts bearing upon the question of unity or plurality of species by J. C. Nott | Gobineau, Arthur, comte de | XML
81.Morris's grammar : a philosophical and practical grammar of the English language, diagonally and progressively arranged; in which every word is parsed according to its use | Morris, I. J. (Isaiah J.) | XML
82.A mother's portrait being a memorial of filial affection : with sketches of Wesleyan life and of religious services in letters to a younger sister especially intended for the youth of Methodism | Jobson, Frederick | XML
83.The naval battles of the United States in the different wars with foreign nations, from the commencement of the revolution to the present time: including privateering | Kimball, Horace | XML
84.A new system of English grammar, progressively arranged : concisely embodying the principles of analysis and synthesis | Barton, William Sumner, 1824-1899 | XML
85.Noble deeds of American women : with biographical sketches of some of the more prominent | Clement, J. | XML
86.Notes to Phillipps' Treatise on the law of evidence; with additional notes and references to the English and American cases to the present time by J. Marsden Van Cott | Cowen, Esek | XML
87.Obituary addresses delivered upon the occasion of the re-interment of the remains of Gen. Chas. Scott, Maj. Wm. T. Barry, and Capt. Bland Ballard and wife, in the cemetery at Frankfort, November 8, 1854 | XML
88.The ocean waifs; a story of adventure on land and sea | Reid, Mayne | XML
89.Odd people. Being a popular description of singular races of man. By Capt. Mayne Reid | Reid, Mayne | XML
90.Official proceedings of the National Democratic convention, held in Cincinnati, June 2-6, 1856 | Democratic National Convention | XML
91.Ollendorff's new method of learning to read, write and speak the French language : with an Appendix containing the Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers and Full Paradigms of the Regular and Irregular, Auxiliary Reflective and Impersonal Verbs | Jewett, John L. | Ollendorff, H. G. (Heinrich Gottfried), 1803-1865 | XML
92.Palaces, castles and residences in France: Built from the 15th to the 18th century | Sauvageot, Cl. (Claude), 1832-1885 | XML
93.Parlor charades and proverbs, : intended for the parlor or saloon, and requiring no expensive apparatus of scenery or properties for theie performance | Frost, S. Annie (Sarah Annie) | XML
94.Part songs, for three and four female voices / selected mostly from a collection by S. Müller and translated by Fanny Malone Raymond; for the use of normal schools, young ladies' institutes, | Müller, S. (Selmar) | XML
95.Paul Massie. A romance | McCarthy, Justin | XML
96.The pictorial history of the United States of America : from the discovery by the Northmen in the tenth century to the present time | Frost, John | XML
97.The pioneer heroes of the new world : from the earliest period (982) to the present time | Brownell, Henry H. | XML
98.Plantation sermons; or, Plain and familiar discourses for the instruction of the unlearned | Dickson, A. F. | XML
99.Poems | Requier, Augustus Julian | XML
100.Porney's Syllabaire francaise, or French spelling book. With the addition of the most necessary verbs, adjectives, and idiomatical phrases, alphabetically arranged | Porny, Mr; Meier, Julius | XML
101.Practical exercises in English composition, or, The young composer's guide | Barton, William Sumner, 1824-1899 | XML
102.The priest and the Huguenot; or, Persecution in the age of Louis XV. From the French of L. Bungener | Bungener, Laurence Louis Félix | XML
103.Primary object lessons for a graduated course of development: A manual for teachers and parents | Calkins, Norman Allison | XML
104.Proceedings of the right worthy Grand Lodge of the state of Louisiana : held in the city of New Orleans, from Dec. 22, 1846, to May 29, 1851 | Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Louisiana. Grand Lodge | XML
105.Rachel and the New world. A trip to the United States and Cuba. Tr. from the French of Léon Beauvallet | Beauvallet, Léon | XML
106.The Red Eagle. A poem of the South. | Meek, A. B. | XML
107.Rovings on land and sea | Davenport, Henry E | XML
108.The royal oak : and other stories | Western teacher | XML
109.The sea of ice : or, The Arctic adventurers | St. John, Percy B. (Percy Bolingbroke) | XML
110.A selection of one hundred of Perrin's fables | Perrin, Jean Baptiste; Bolmar, A. | XML
111.Select sermons of the late Rev. N.P. Knapp rector of Christ Church, Mobile, Ala. / edited by William Johnson ; with a brief sketch of the life of the Rev. Mr. Knapp during his connexion with the Diocess of Alabama ; by the editor | Knapp, Nathaniel P. | XML
112.A series of forms for use in the probate courts of Alabama : comprising all the forms most generally in use in such courts ... making a complete manual of practice, adapted to the use of judges, attorneys, executors, administrators and guardians | Hitchcock, John A | XML
113.Sermons and essays by ministers of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South / edited by Thomas O. Summers | Summers, Thomas O. (Thomas Osmond), 1812-1882 | XML
114.Sixty years' gleanings from life's harvest. A genuine autobiography | Brown, John | XML
115.A sketch of the life, labors, and adventures of Elder Elisha Perryman / prepared from his own notes, by a friend | Perryman, Elisha | XML
116.Sophisms of free trade and popular political economy examined | Byles, John Barnard, Sir | XML
117.Speech of the Hon. William L. Yancey, of Alabama : delivered in the National Democratic convention, Charleston, April 28th, 1860. With the protest of the Alabama delegation | Yancey, William Lowndes, 1814-1863 | XML
118.Stories of ragged schools and ragged scholars | Kidder, Daniel P. | XML
119.Stray leaves from a Freemason's notebook | Neale, Erskine | XML
120.The summer of the pestilence. A history of the ravages of the yellow fever in Norfolk, Virginia, A.D. 1855. By George D. Armstrong .. | Armstrong, George D. (George Dodd), 1813-1899 | XML
121.The Suppressed book about slavery! Prepared for publication in 1857,--never published until the present time | Carleton, George Washington | XML
122.The thinker : a moral reader : containing selections from the gems of the language : arranged on a new and original plan : designed to arouse the minds of youth, and to inculcate pure and noble principles : in three parts. | Burleigh, Joseph Bartlett | XML
123.Thoughts on the future civil policy of America | Draper, John William | XML
124.Tower's Common school grammar : with models of clausal, phrasal, and verbal analysis and parsing ... | Tower, David Bates | XML
125.The traveler's guide to the Hudson river, Saratoga Springs, lake George, falls of Niagara and Thousand islands; Montreal, Quebec, and the Saguenay river; also, to the Green and White mountains, and other parts of New England; forming the fashionable northern tour through the United States and Canada. Compiled by J. Disturnell | Disturnell, John | XML
126.A treatise on the orthoepy of the English language : or, an exposition of the forty leading signs of the different sounds, and their substitutes: also, the rules of accent, syllabication, and the sound of letters according to position | Mulkey, William | XML
127.A treatise on the principles and practice of the action of ejectment and the resulting action for mesne profits by John Adams; with copious notes and references to the American and English decisions by John L. Tillinghast, Thomas W. Clerke and William Hogan; with additional notes of decisions in the courts of the several United States to the present time by Thomas W. Waterman | Adams, John | XML
128.Trial of Professor John W. Webster, for the murder of Doctor George Parkman. Reported exclusively for the N.Y. daily globe | Webster, John White | XML
129.The unconstitutionality of the prohibitory liquor law confirmed, by the opinions of Governor Seymour, James W. Gerard, Samuel Beardsley...Rufus Choate, and others; and the decision of the Supreme court, of the Second judicial district of the state of New York, and of the Hon. James M. Smith, jr., recorder of the city of New York. | Metropolitan Society for the Protection of Private and Constitutional Rights, New York | XML
130.The uses of solitude | Smith, William Russell, 1815-1896 | XML
131.Vagaries of Vandyke Browne. An autobiography in verse | Brannan, William Penn | XML
132.Volentia ; a play in five acts | Seawell, J. | XML
133.What Norman saw in the West / By the author of "Four days in July", and "A winter at Woodlawn" ... Eight illustrations | XML
134.The white slaves of England : compiled from official documents ; with twelve spirited illustrations | Cobden, John C | XML
135.Wild Jack; or, The stolen child: and other stories. Including the celebrated Magnolia leaves | Hentz, Caroline Lee | XML
136.Wild shrubs of Alabama; or, Rhapsodies of restless hours. By the Minstrel maiden of Mobile | Harriss, Julia Mildred | XML
137.The young lady's counsellor; or, Outlines and illustrations of the sphere, the duties and the dangers of young women | Wise, Daniel | XML