Cassius Clay Photographic Collection, 1866 All Items

1.Small brick house, lake in foreground with a sailboat, trees and fence in background. | Clay, Cassius, 1810-1903 | XML
2.The Kremlin, Moscow, Russia. Large white building with several floors, two spinnerets top the church, bell in central section of the church, large bell placed as a monument in front of church, Russian text at the bottom of image. | Clay, Cassius, 1810-1903 | XML
3.Small concrete house with two chimneys, fence and small walking bridge leading to house from the road, houses in background, imprint in Russian at the bottom of image. | Clay, Cassius, 1810-1903 | XML
4.Small log house, wooden fence with gate to one side, roof of a second house is visible behind the first house, yard with trees in front, road in foreground. | Clay, Cassius, 1810-1903 | XML
5.Large concrete building, probably part of the College of Agriculture of Peter the Great, main building has two floors, wings to each side form the rest of the structure, grounds are neatly landscaped. | Clay, Cassius, 1810-1903 | XML
6.Artist's rendition of a monument, three step dais with a square base has depiction of man with a helmet and wings holding a sword over another man while others look on, statue of a man in robes kneeling and looking skyward, pillar has a crest and wreath, topped by the bust of a priest, a child looks upon the monument from a cobblestone street. | Clay, Cassius, 1810-1903 | XML
7.Artist's rendition of a long building, building has at least three floors, a dome atop the center, windows line the walls across the building. | Clay, Cassius, 1810-1903 | XML
8."Broadwell's breech-loading field gun" (handwritten in ink along bottom of photo); small cannon mounted on a dual chassis, powder box on second axle, extension rod with chain to allow mounting to a wagon or horse team, foreign text at bottom "Shumann & Sohn, Hop-Photographen: Carlsruhe". | Clay, Cassius, 1810-1903 | XML
9.Frontispiece, Thirteen lines of Russian text, addressed to Cassius Clay, ten Russian signatures at bottom. | Clay, Cassius, 1810-1903 | XML
10."Broadwell's breech-loading field gun" (handwritten in ink along bottom of photo); picture of cannon from #7, cannon is separated from second axle and powder box, it is being serviced by a soldier, sighting mechanism is being employed and loading chamber is open. | Clay, Cassius, 1810-1903 | XML
11."Broadwell's breech-loading field gun" (handwritten in ink along bottom of photo); image is identical to #10 in all respects. | Clay, Cassius, 1810-1903 | XML
12."The Might of the Republic" (written on ribbon across the top, held by an eagles claw), image contains 101 portraits of various Union generals and statesmen, text at the bottom states "Entered According to Act of Congress by O.H. Oldyroyd in the year 1866. In the clerks office of the southern district of Ohio". | Clay, Cassius, 1810-1903 | XML