Patterson Family Papers All Items

1.School tuition receipt | XML
2.Legal complaint about offensive language | XML
3.Letter from B. Arendell to Wiliiam Patterson, Concord, North Carolina, April 4, 1863 | XML
4.Note to Wm. Patterson | XML
5.Receipt of sale | XML
6.Receipt | XML
7.Receipt for subscription to Western Democrat 1854/1855 | XML
8.Receipt for subscription to Western Democrat 1860/1861 | XML
9.Postage receipt | XML
10.Bill for medical services | XML
11.Receipt for stipend | XML
12.Receipt for medical services | XML
13.Letter from Laura A. Glover to Margaret Patterson, Halcyon Grove, S.C., July 15 [no year] | Glover, Laura A. | XML
14.Receipt for services, weaving of materials | XML
15.Receipt for medical care | XML
16.Receipt for services | XML
17.List of hired hands | XML
18.Promissory note | XML
19.Promissory note | XML
20.Promissory note | XML
21.Mrs. Mary Potts receipt | XML
22.Receipt for salary to Rev. Junkin | XML
23.Letter to church session at Bethel Church | Springs, A.; | XML
24.Articles of hire | XML
25.Postage receipt | XML
26.Receipt for board | XML
27.First will and testament of Elizabeth Potts | Wills--North Carolina--Mecklenburg County; Patterson Family--Wills; Inheritance and succession; | XML
28.Second will and testament of Elizabeth Potts | XML
29.Last will and testament of Elizabeth Potts | XML
30.Bill-of-sale for Cate | XML
31.Bill-of-sale | XML
32.Dr. Bratton's receipt to William Patterson | Bratton, S. E.; | XML
33.Receipt for salary subscription | XML
34.Receipt for services rendered | XML
35.Sale rescinded | XML
36.Letter of transfer | XML
37.William Patterson and the Cavalry | XML
38.Postage receipt | XML
39.History of Pastorate at Bethel Church | XML
40.Letter from Wm. Patterson to Capt. Barnett, Charlotte, N.C., Dec. 4, 1865 | XML
41.Articles of sale | XML
42.Letter home from college | XML
43.Levi's bill-of-sale | XML
44.Andy's bill-of-sale | XML
45.Abraham's bill-of-dale | XML
46.Articles of the present hireing [sic] | Patterson, William, 1806-1886; | XML
47.Receipts for services rendered | XML
48.Promissory note from William Patterson | XML
49.Receipt for subscription to Western Democrat 1858/1859 | XML
50.Receipt for subscription to Western Democrat 1859/1860 | XML
51.Marriage bond, 1861 | XML
52.Settlement between Mr. Patterson and his freedmen | XML
53.Charlotte Market and love poem | XML
54.Patterson resignation letter | XML
55.Condition of the present sale | XML
56.We the undersigned... | XML
57.Receipt, 1854 | XML
58.Letter from John C. Barnett to William Patterson, Nov. 14, 1865 | XML
59.Bill-of-sale for slave, Cheaney | XML
60.Receipt for butter and eggs | XML
61.Three receipts of wages owed | XML
62.Receipt for goods | XML
63.Distillery tax | XML
64.Contract to sell mule | XML
65.Bill-of-sale | XML
66.Received of Wm. Patterson... | XML
67.Invitation and Love Letter | XML
68.Receipt of payment | XML
69.Paterson [sic] vs. Paterson | XML