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1.Civil War and the American South: Vanderbilt University Libraries Digital Collection | XML
2.The port folio, or, Journal of free-masonry and general literature | XML
3.Thirty-sixth annual report of the American Colonization Society : with the proceedings of the Board of Directors and of the society, and the addresses delivered at the annual meeting, January 18, 1853 | XML
4.Constitution and by-laws of the Colored Association, no.1, of the Friends of Temperance : organized in Knoxville, April 1850 | XML
5.Dr. H.A. Ramsay's letter to Dr. James Bryan, on the Southern Negro, etc., from the Philadelphis Medical and Surgical journal, March 1, 1853. | XML
6.The Western casket : devoted to religion and literature | XML
7.Poland, Russia, and the Western powers : a memorial, historical and political, addressed to the British and French nations | XML
8.An address delivered at the laying of the corner stone of the University of Nashville, on the 7th of April, 1853 | XML
9.The story of the "General" 1862 | XML
10.A history of the feud between the Hill and Evans parties of Garrard County, KY.: the most exciting tragedy ever enacted on the bloody grounds of Kentucky | XML
11.Pittsburg Landing, (Shiloh,) and the investment of Corinth : drawn from original sources, official reports, etc.; with anecdotes, incidents, etc. | XML
12.General Washington and General Jackson, on Negro soldiers | XML
13.Report of the president and directors of the Tennessee and Alabama Rail Road Company, to the stockholders at their first annual meeting, July 19, 1853 | XML
14.South-Carolina in the Revolutionary War : being a reply to certain misrepresentations and mistakes of recent writers, in relation to the course and conduct of this state | XML
15.The neutrality laws : speech of Hon. A.H. Stephens of Georgia, in the House of Representatives, January 13, 1858, on the neutrality laws and the arrest of General Walker by Commodore Paulding | XML
16.Speech of Hon. W.S. Oldham, of Texas, on the subject of the finances. Senate, December 23, 1863 | XML
17.Resolution of the (Confederate) Congress (in Kentucky), 1861 | XML
18.The arrest of William Walker. Speech of Hon. John Slidell, of Louisiana, on the neutrality laws. Delivered in the United States Senate, April 8, 1858 | XML
19.Account of the fund for the relief of East Tennessee : with a complete list of the contributors | XML
20.An oration pronounced upon the occasion of laying the corner stone of the Nashville High School, on the 19th of May, 1853 | XML
21.Thirty-fifth annual report of the American Colonization Society, with the proceedings of the Board of Directors and of the Society, and the addresses delivered at the annual meeting, January 20, 1852 : to which is added an appendix, containing information about going to Liberia ; things which every emigrant ought to know ; Messrs. Fuller and Janifer's report; and a table of emigrants | XML
22.The excursion of 4th July, 1860 : being the eighty fourth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence : a heroic poem in nine cantos | XML
23.Life and adventures of Jeff. Davis | XML
24.Position of the southern church in relation to slavery : as illustrated in a letter of Dr. F.A. Ross to Rev. Albert Barnes ; with an introduction by a constitutional Presbyterian | XML
25.An exposition of games and tricks with cards | XML
26.The North and the South : reprinted from the New York Tribune | XML
27.Corinth houses, 1862 | XML
28.Report of the Commissioners for the Erection of the State Capitol, October 1, 1859 | XML